About us

Inspired by the highest specialized values and founded on the principles of strong business morals, Behuman Services has been the leading IT and business solution company. With its finest services, it has created waves among the local and global businesses that look for the highest standards of professionalism. Founded in 2013, the company has set new dimensions of business standards. Within just a couple of years, the company has been a proved itself as a champion in the arena of website and software design and development along with proven track records of digital marketing.

Behuman Services is led by highly professional team of designers and developers who have shown their expertise in designing and developing websites and software. We feel the pride while we claim to have a better understanding of your business requirements. This understanding brings us additional responsibilities to meet your business requirements too. Our expert designers and developers have the access to the best infrastructure in the state-of-the-art workstation. Equipped with the latest devices, network connectivity facilities, and website designing and development tools and software, Behuman Services leads all the IT companies working in the similar domain.

At Behuman Services, we never feel satisfied, when it comes to providing the best quality services to our clients. Your business may be located at any geographic location, but that does not prevent us from delivering the products that meet international standards. We keep on striving for perfection in all areas including finding better production and engineering methods, management strategies, and every single area that has anything to do with bettering performance. We assure higher returns on your investment through our customizable services.

It does not matter if you are owning a startup or running an existing one, there is always an option of enhancement. If you are planning for such an initiative, we can certainly talk. Reach us today!


This is an undeniable truth that people are the most valuable assets of an organization of any kind. The teams contribute to the success as well as failure of the objectives of the organization. Fortunately, Behuman Services has been blessed with some extraordinary professionals who are adequately experienced and they possess a great knowledge in their own departments.

Most of the team members work in perfect coordination of others, and that has helped them not only to deliver their best work but also to enrich their knowledge and expertise to a higher level. It is worth mentioning that our clients have been extremely happy and satisfied with their work and ability to deliver.

Development Team:

Our team of development at Behuman Services is one of the best in the industry. Lead by versatile Project managers and Team Leaders, the developers have in-depth knowledge of the platforms that they are working with. These platforms include PHP, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Codeignitor, and many more. They are capable of delivering befitting solutions within the promised time deadline. Most of our developers have a minimum experience of 3 years, and that has made them highly knowledgeable indeed. Besides, they get the finest technological lab at our state-of-the-art workstation that is equipped with the latest devices and Internet connectivity.

Designing Team:

This is yet another thing that we are proud of at Behuman Services. We have a great team of expert and experienced designers who are capable of designing websites, software, and mobile apps with same expertise. The team consists of UI and Graphic Designers who are enthusiastically led by Project managers and Team Leaders. They have the in-depth knowledge in almost all the tools and software including Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, and Flash.

Digital Marketing Team:

This team brings the core strength to our operations. It is an amalgam of experience, expertise, and enthusiasm. The digital marketers at Behuman Services are led by versatile Marketing Managers, Account Managers, Project Managers, and Team Leaders. However, we should never forget the Content Developers without whom the task would have been extremely difficult to achieve.

QA Team:

Quite naturally, this team of Quality Assurance and Testing services shoulders maximum responsibility. The testers working for Behuman Services know what their responsibilities are, and they are aware of how to discharge them effectively. This team works in close coordination with the design and development teams. Their role is extremely important for us before we deliver the end products to our clients. Our testers have the deepest knowledge with black box, white box, and various other technologies that are used for testing software and apps.

Mission and Vision


With strong expertise in varying IT fields, Behuman Services is moving ahead strongly as well as confidently to create a global identity. We would strive to become the global leader in software, web development, mobile design, and Digital Marketing. Our vision is simply to help our esteem clients achieve their business goals through our valued services.


Behuman Services dedicates itself to bring its best efforts to help its clients to enhance their wealth generating initiatives. With changing global business standards, the task seems to be getting increasingly difficult, but that is where we dedicate ourselves just in the interest of our clients. We are planning to introduce more sincere efforts to meet the requirements of our clients, and to make them face the challenges more effectively.

Behuman Services dedicates itself to:

  • Find out the right business solutions for our clients, based on their requirements
  • Develop flexible and custom proposals so that they can be acceptable to various clients
  • Stay ahead to find and implement all sorts of value-added services to bring them better experience while working with us
  • Keep an eye on our services and keep it open to maintain the quality good always.
  • Enjoy the trust and faith of our clients.

Why Us

Increasing corporate rivalry has made companies think and rethink on their business strategies. These strategies obviously emphasize on online presence. Registering an online presence is entirely technical, and that is why the business owners are looking for the best companies that can take care of their interests by bringing a winning edge to their business. If you are also going through such a phase, then make Behuman Services your preferred web partner.

We are the one-stop-store for all web-enabled services. While being with us, you would never need to look hither and thither. Our services have been tested by a large number of clients from all over the world. We do not make mere claims, we believe in proving them before the clients. We understand your business requirements well, and that makes us work in a collaborative manner where we work to improve your expertise within an affordable manner. We work in a planned manner that restricts us from focusing on multiple tasks that your business would require from time-to-time.

At Behuman Services, we have put technological expertise and knowledge with human efforts. We find the combination extremely effective, and it is bound to bring you the right benefits in the end. Following are some of the strongest characteristics of our services that make business reach us with confidence:

  • Freedom to choose from a wide range of services
  • All web-enabled services under one roof
  • Team of highly-skilled website designers, developers, and digital marketers
  • Reliable software testing services through professionals with proven expertise
  • Non-disclosure Agreement that keeps your intellectual property absolutely safe
  • State-of-the-art workstation with latest technological setup
  • Strong security all along the workstation
  • Readiness to deliver right on time

Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!